Monday, June 28, 2010

Rhode Island Red profile

Rhode Island Red is the famous dual purpose chicken. The hen can lay up to 300 eggs a year. The egg color is brown. The cock weight is 4.5 kilogram. Meanwhile the hen is 3. 6 kilogram. It was originated at Massachusetts, Rhode Island, United States. The chicken is developed in 19th century. The parents of the chicken are Malay, Shanghai, Java, and Brown leghorn.

Both cook and hen look fat. The thick plumage covers the yellow skin. The legs and shanks are yellow.It has blood red single comb. Some Rhode Island Red has also the color is buff to red. The cock color is more colorific than the hen. It because the fickle feather shining when sun shine.

It is a descendant of gallus bankiva or red jungle fowl. The Rhode Island Red also has similar characteristics of gallus bankiva like single comb, and saddle feather color.

This is the most successful dual chicken breed. It is hardy chicken and can lay many eggs. The breeder always developed the chicken to get best chicken which has produce more meat and eggs.

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