Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to tame fighting chicken

Due to forbidden fighting act at United States, United Kingdom and European countries, some people do not raise the fighting chicken such English game fowl, American game fowl, Asli, Sigun, Cubalayan, Philippine, Bangkok and Sumatra, and others. It is hard to care this chicken with other chicken due to its aggressiveness. A fighting cock in a flocks and coops can disturb other cock or roosters.

There are the degrees of tames of chicken:

    * Tame to all people: This chicken is easy going and friendly. Only few fighting chicken has this characteristics.
    * Tame to certain people: This chicken tame to the owner or people who care the chicken. They may bit unrecognized people who try closing the chicken.
    * Not tame with all people: Some chicken is really bad character. They also peck the owner or the people who feed them. I have ever cared this chicken. This is difficult to tame the chicken.

Despite the aggressiveness, some people still care fighting cock for other purpose. In my country, a breeder company use Bangkok Chicken as grandparent stock to produce broiler chicken. Bangkok Chicken has wide breast and produce white flesh. English people care Old English game as exhibition or ornamental chicken.

If you want still raise a fighting cock, here are the steps:

1. Separate them from other rooster. Do not put more than one rooster in a flock.

2. Remove the most dangerous chick. We can see the sign of most dangerous chick. Notice that the chicken often pecks their brother or sister.

3. Raise the fighting cock with the peaceful chicken since young. Perhaps it could decrease the aggressiveness chicken.

4. Hatch with peaceful chicken or hatching machine.  A peaceful mother may teach the chicken to be a peaceful chicken.

5. Debeaking or cut the edge of chicken beak. It may reduce the aggressiveness. There is cons of debeaking due it could harm to the chicken.

6. Cross with other chicken. You can reduce the aggressiveness with cross the chicken with peaceful chicken breed such as Rhode Island Red, Red Sex Link, New Hampshire, and others.

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