Friday, February 18, 2011

Cubalayan : Fighting Rooster that produce white meat from Fidel Castro's Country

Cubalayan is a chicken that originated at Cuba. Spanish people brought this chicken from Philiphine. Cubalayan is almost similar to Philippine chicken in performance. It means Cubalayan is a descendant of Red Jungle Fowl. Some Cubalayan has similar feather to its ancestor color partridge or red breasted black. Cubalayan is also available in silver duckwing, black, blue wheaten, white, and others.  

It has slender body and long sickle tail feather that almost touch land. It is six to seven lbs in weight. The head looks very strong. This chicken performance is almost similar to fighting rooster or pit cock. It has strong curved beak that can hit the enemy. The skull is also strong too.

Although this chicken can fight well, this chicken raise for its meat. The chicken has much breast meat and the meat is also white in color.

Upper the head, there is a pea comb. Below the beak, there are double wattles. The skin of this chicken is white. The feet are yellow in color. Like other pit cock, It has spurs. The chicken has no feather on its leg.

This chicken is not hardy winter due to the origin in tropical region. This chicken is good forager too. Due to its aggressiveness, do not put any rooster with cubalayan rooster in a coop. The Cubalayan will bully other roosters.

The hen is good mothers and goes broody. The hen lays around 200 eggs in a year. The color of egg is cream and tinted.

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