Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Hampshire Red: The brother of Rhode Island Red

New Hampshire red is a famous dual purpose chicken. It is almost similar with Rhode Island Red.  The cock is 9.5 pound in weight. The female is smaller which is 6.5 pound in weight. The cockerel weighs 7.5 pound and the pullet weighs 5.5 pound. The color of the fowl is brown to red. It often fades in the sunshine. It has blood red single comb, which the cock is bigger than the hen. The beak and the shanks are yellow in color.The skin of the chicken is red.
New Hampshire Red Hen

This chicken is developed from Rhode Island Red. Before 1935, American breeder Association did not recognize this chicken strain.People are difficult to distinguish New Hampshire with The Rhode Island.

The chicken is the prolific layer. The hen can lay at six month age. The productive layer up to two years. The layer can lay up to 300 eggs in a year. Like the Rhode, They lay brown eggs. The female of New Hampshire is also broody hen. They can hatch chicken eggs. The male chicken has many meats. It can provide the meat fast.Some breeder company use this chicken as broiler parent. They cross New Hampshire with other best chicken.

It is characterized by the brood body then the ancestor red jungle fowl or Gallus bankiva. The tail is short relative to its body.It is black in color.

This chicken is aggressive so you should be careful with this chicken. You should not raise two or more rosters in a flock.

Photo By : ilovebutter

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