Saturday, February 12, 2011

Old English Game Fowl: A retired Fighting fowl

Old English game was a famous cockfighting or cockpit from England. The function of the chicken has changed become exhibition chicken since some country forbade the cockfighting. Old English game is the ancestor of American game fowl whose has similar performance.
Even the chicken is raise for exhibition but the characteristics of the cockfighting still there. The chicken is slim and the feet are strong. 

The variations color is partridge, silver duckwing, blue, gray and red, and more. The sickle is not curve shape but flatten. The game fowl has spurs that is the weapon to defeat the other chicken. The head is small like egg or egg shape. The fowl has small pea comb. Most cockfighting has small comb. If the cock has wide comb, the owner cut the comb. The wide comb is an easy target for the enemy.
This chicken is not tame. More than one cock in one flock is a damages. You should separate each rooster to avoid the fighting. Reversely, you can add some hen at the flock. The Old English game hen is a good mother and good setter which hatch their eggs.

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