Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maleo Bird : Endemic Celebes Bird that lays giant eggs

Maleo is an endemic bird from Celebes or Sulawesi Island that cannot be found elsewhere. This bird is similar to the jungle fowl and has a body size that is approximately 55 cm. Either male or female has a crest that hard that can detect the temperature of the sand.
Long and sharp beak is black. Maleo has big feet like a chicken and black. Color black fur and white breasted. Maleo bird color pattern is similar to the Penguin or Tuxedo. Its tail is similar to the tail of a hen.
This is a forest bird habitat in the selecting the sand beach or hot springs. Sand is very important for the breeding of this animal. Maleo live in small groups consisting of a dozen birds.
Unlike common birds, Maleo does not incubate their eggs. They entrusted the sand to incubate their children. They can predict where the best sand to incubate their children. Couple Maleo not keep their eggs until its hatch and they also do not care for their children like other poultry.
Maleo chick faces cruel forest. After hatching, they should get out of the sand for a breath of fresh air. They had to fly at age one day and foraging in the forest. The young bird is an easy target for predators such as dogs, cats, monitor lizards, hawks, rats, and others.
The existence of Maleo increasingly threatened because of poaching and the narrowing of forest land.
Maleo birds are hunted for meat and eggs. Bird Eggs Maleo 5-8 times the size of chicken eggs. The length of the eggs can reach 20 cm. The color is light brown eggs. A female will pass out for a while every time laying the egg. 
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