Friday, August 14, 2015

Sulmtaler The Heavy Meat Chicken From Austria

This chicken are domesticated from Austria. In order to create a heavy meat chicken, the Sulmtaler breeders crosses variant chicken such as Dorking, Houdan, and Cochin. The bird is heavy and the good layer too. The hen can lays 150-180 eggs a  year but the hen is non sitters. The egg weigh 55 gram.
People raise the chicken for both meat and eggs. The rosters weigh 3-4 kilogram and the hen 2-2,5 kilogram.

Either hen and roster has crest below its comb. The crest does not cover the eye because its  grow to back. Sulmtaer has thick plumage and the clean feet.
The hen color is golden wheaten and the roster black breasted red. Some white Sulmtaler was created in the Eastern German after World War II.There are also silver and blue variant.

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