Friday, September 24, 2010

Dorking Chicken : Ancient Rome Chicken

Dorking is a British chicken breed. Unlike other British class this chicken looks slim, weighing 9 pounds. The hen weighs 8 pounds. They have color variation such as, silver gray, dark, cuckoo, colored and red. The chicken is similar to Mediterranean chicken class. The chicken has been developed in Julius Caesar era. British people brought this chicken. They are showed in Chicken Exhibition in 1845 for the first time. This chicken is very rare but some breeder farm uses this chicken to produce Sussex and feverolles.

There are two types of chicken comb: single and rose. The rooster has bigger comb than the hen. The feet and beak is yellow in color. This chicken has unique five toes like Silky Bantam.

The hen lays white or cream eggs (depend on hen). The hen with white earlobes usually lay white eggs. The hen does not like go broody. This chicken is similar to laying chicken types that do not like hatch the eggs. To hatch their eggs, you need use other hen or incubator machine.

The chicken is very docile and it is good for backyard or pets. Unfortunately, this chicken cannot stand with hard winter climate. The winter may attack the wide comb.

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