Thursday, August 20, 2015

Brahma Chicken for Pet

Brahma is a large chicken class that is rising for its meat or eggs. Most breeders use it for its large meat. I believe that the chicken from India. It  has been widespread to world. The chicken weighs 5.5 kilogram and the feather is so thick becuase the chicken comes from the subtropical chicken. The feather almost covers all body including the shanks.
In my opinion, the chicken is not good as pet because it is not simple. The feather or plumage is not beautiful too the Brahma is not different to Rhode Island Red, Wyandotte, Langshan, and others. The variation color of the chicken is just white, buff, birchen, black, dark and others.  
You need large coops to raise the chicken and also high. You also need more chicken feed for the Brahma too due it’s has large size. I do not see a good reason to raise the chicken for the pet. The chicken voice is just same with other chicken.
In US and United Kingdom, the birds are not competed as the show Bird. Perhaps there is some competition fro the Brahma but as the utility chicken.
I my country, people sales the chicken as the pets because it is unique. The Brahma is rare in my country. Perhaps people raise the chicken because it’s rarely and uniquely.
I think ever people has right to raise any chicken as the pet. The chicken is tame and it is good for pet. They can stand with cold or hot weather.
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