Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pigeon Mite : A Mite that can bite human

If you have a pigeon loft near your house or inside your apartment, you have to clean the loft or cage periodically. The things that can live at the dirty cage is red mite. This thing can suck the pigeon blood and make the bird thin.

Photo by : Mick E. Talbot
This things can been seen with your eyes. The size is similar with the human lice. It is red in color. The population of the mite is increasing when the pigeon raise its baby or pigeon chick.
We can also find the mite beneath the cage bars. They also like the bird feces and nest on it.
To overcome the mite, you can clean the cage. Then wash it with anti mite liquid. This sucker will died in a moment.
The mite also found in chicken cage. They also attack chicken. Perhaps the mite also attack other fowl such as Guinea Fowl, Peacock, Duck, Goose, and else.
The bad news is the mite can suck human blood. When the pigeon leave the nest or when the mite is insufficient blood, they will find other warm blood things such human. The mite could suck the human blood while they sleeping. This mite may not spread the diseases but it disturb you.
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