Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rosecomb : The oldest Bantam in the world

As guest its gets name, the chicken has beautiful rose comb. The earlobes is wide and white in color. The hen comb is smaller than the female. The rosecomb is ancestor of the sebright bantam whose the golden and silver laced bantam with rose comb
The body slim unlike the bantam but the weigh is very light. It weighs only 600 gram, while the female is only 400 grams. The variations color of the chicken is black, barred, white, mottled, lemon blue, splash and more.
Photo by: wikipedia

This chicken has black and white edge feather color. The chicken is only for exhibition due its small size and beautiful color.
The carcass is not good and the hens produce few eggs. The eggs is cream or tinted in color. The hen is declined to go broody. You have to find the broody hen or incubator machine to hatch the chicken eggs.
This chicken can fly so you need a roof for the chicken. The chicken can adapt well with winter though has wide comb.
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