Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bald Chicken: The Naked Weird Chicken

I thought bald chicken the chicken whose has no feather in head or neck. I was wrong. The bald chicken is the chicken whose has no feather. A year ago, Israeli scientist produces the weird chicken that has no plumage (BBC, 2012). Some people think that the chicken must be sick. The red or yellow skin covers the chicken flesh. The bald also has single wide comb like other broiler chicken.

The researcher told the naked chicken is not suitable for cool climate place; however, it is suitable in hot climate area such as Israel, according to researcher from Hebrew University. It is not a genetically breed of chicken but it is a selective breed of broiler chicken for 50 years. The researcher had selected the featherless. The chicken fast growers and the quality meat are better. In my opinion, the chicken does not need to convert the food into the feather but they convert the food into meat and bone.
It is good for people who do not like pluck the chicken. I often pluck the chicken manually and it needs one hour to pluck a chicken. The feather can pollute and it also stinky. Some people may use the feather for handicraft but most of chicken feather are dumped.
The Animal welfare group protests to the scientist because the featherless make the chicken suffered. Chicken need the feather to protect them from sun and parasites.
Photo by : bbum

Frizzle or curly chicken
Naked Neck Chicken

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