Thursday, June 27, 2013

Catalana : A Mediterinean Dualpurpose

Catalana is a dual purpose breed chicken from Catalana that is rarely in North America but it is popular in Latin America. The breed is popular due it’s tolerance to high temperature. This chicken is listed  at American standard of perfection. AS guess its name the chicken comes from Catalana and it is famous in Mediterranean too.
The color is black tail buff, almost similar to New Hampshire. Perhaps, you must be difficult to distinguish between Catalana and New Hampshire.  The chicken is 5 – 6.5 pound in weight so it is included as large chicken breed.  It has red blood single comb and red earlobes. The hen’s comb must be smaller than the roosters. The feet are white pink and and have no plumage.
The hen produces so many eggs (I cannot find literature that supports it).Some article says that the production is middle. It lays white middle size eggs. The hen rarely hatches the chicken.

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