Saturday, January 8, 2011

Frizzle Chicken or curly Chicken : Bird whose has uncommon feather

Some chicken has uncommon feathers with common chicken. Each feathers is curved back or curly. Frizzle chicken is not a chicken breed but it is a mutant. The genetics change the types of feathers.

All Chicken breed has frizzle feathers. The Frizzle genotype is recessive to common feathers. If you want to produce frizzle chicken, you should cross breed a normal chicken with other chicken. I had two Frizzle chicken i.e. naked neck frizzle and indonesian native chicken frizzle. The color of naked neck is red partridge; while the other chicken is silver duckwing pattern in color. The Naked neck had been killed by diseases. I thought it was snot.
In my country, a breeder also develop Frizzle bantam. The bantam looks geek and funny.

Photo by bandita

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