Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sicilian Buttercup: A dual puropse chicken with a unique buttercup comb

It is a unique chicken due its buttercups comb above its head. The buttercup is a comb that is similar to rose comb but the middle of cup has no points. The buttercup comb gets from its ancestors Berbera Breed. The other Buttercup ancestor is North African fowl (Gallus turcicus).
As guess is name the chicken come from Sicily, Italy. The USA was imported this breeding 19th century. British and Australian also imported the breed in 20th century.

photo by : clearwater 88
The female has buff color marked by black spangle. The hen neck color looks like a pheasant hen. In my opinion, the buttercup color is similar to Egyptian Fayoumi and Campine Chicken in color. However, he rosters color is not similar. It has orange red with some black spangles, similar to New Hampshire. The tail feather is black beetle with sickle shaped feather at the middle tail.
The skin of the bird is yellow and the feet are yellow willow in color. The hen is a good layer that lays small eggs. The egg color is various, from white to tinted. People raise it for is egg. The chicken is good for free ranging farm but it is no a good setter which means you have to provide the hatching machine (incubator machine ) to hatch the eggs or you should use other broody hen to hatch the chicken.
The chicken is a good flier. If you raise it in free ranging, you will see the chicken perch in tree, roof, or others.
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