Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Naked Neck Chicken : Bald Chicken whose has good carcass

Black Naked Neck Cockerel
Naked Neck as guest its name the chicken has no feather in neck. There are still few feathe at the top of head or near the comb. I said this bird like a rocker. The bird neck is almost similar with turkey neck. That is some people call turkey neck chicken.

The naked neck is a dominant gen. You can cross the chicken with other chicken breed. I have cared
This bird is heavy too and has good carcass. The chicken has been recognized by American Poultry Association in 1965. This chicken origin is Central Europe. They have so many color variations but only certain color have been recognized. American recognizes naked neck color, such as, buff, black, red, and white. Recognized color in England is more various, such as, white, cuckoo, buff, red, blue, and black.
Buff Naked Neck pullet

This chicken has wide and heavy body. The plumage is thin so it is well-adapt with hot climate. It has single wide comb with two wide wattles and red earlobes. The skin is red blood in color. The numbers of chicken toes are four. It has no feather in shanks. It is black in color.

The bird is good for your backyard due its reputation as good forager. They can control the grass and bugs. The chicken is also docile and friendly.

Photo by : Alisha V
Photo by : Sid Vicious


  1. hey where can we get one of those chicken? do u know?

  2. hey where can i get one of those kool chicken?