Monday, June 17, 2013

Silver Appleyard – The English Duck

It is also a famous duck breed from West Suffolk England. The bird was developed by a famous duck breeder Appleyard in 1943. The duck is also good layer that lays 220-265 blue eggs per annum. The duck also produce good and delicious meat.

photo source: Pinti1
The bird is a large duck, weighing 6 to8 pounds. The Appleyard has almost similar characteristics to mallard especially the greenish-black head and neck. The drake bill is also black or yellow with black tip while the female bill is orange or yellow. The legs are orange. The Drake plumage is creamy or silvery white while the female color is whitish with, gray brown, fawn, and buff marking with a blue cross-strip in wing.
This duck is good for backyard bird. The bird is good foragers and calm temperament. The bird will not far from your house if you feed it well.

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