Thursday, March 24, 2011

Laughing Rooster: The rooster that really laughs

This is an Indonesian landrace chicken that has unique crows. The chicken sound similar to laughing. This chicken origin is Celebs Island, Indonesia but this chicken has been spreaded to Indonesia. There are three kind of Laughing Rooster types i.e: dangdut (Indonesian music gene), slow dangdut, and popular gene. The most favorite laughing rooster is slow dangdut. This chicken is called Ayam Ketawa or Ayam Gaga in Indonesia.

This chicken is not different with other Indonesia native chicken. The production of eggs is only 60 per years. The hen goes broody like other native chicken. The body is tall and slender. The neck and the shank are longer than American chicken breed. It has red single wide comb. The hen has smaller comb. There are two wattles below the beak and red earlobes near behind the eye.
In Celebes or Java, The hobbyist often organizes a laughing chicken contest. The winner will get trophy and certificate. The winner chicken prices worth hundreds or thousands dollar.
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