Thursday, June 3, 2010

Why we often fail in chicken farm

To be honest, I was not good in chicken farm. I often fault to raise some chicken. Most chicken are died. My father said that I was not able to care any birds.
I did not believe my father opinion. I thought I had mistake in raising chicken. I listed some mistakes:

1. Buy sick chicken. When I was child I cannot differentiate the health chicken and sick chicken. I just bought it. The chicken finally died in three days.
2. Forget to feed them. It makes our chicken died. Sometimes
3. Lazy to clean the cage. The dirty cage cause chicken sick.
4. Not has large backyard. If you have no backyard, you should not care chicken.
5. The coop is not strong. Good coop can protect the chicken from bad weather and predator. Raccoon will eat your chicken if your coop is not strong.
6. The own does not love chicken. This is a big mistake. If you do not love chicken, you should not raise chicken.

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