Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Old English game bantam

This bantam is domesticated in English and developed from English game that is a pit roosters.

According to Wikepedia, this is the smallest bantam in the world, weighing 650 gram.  Actually, there is the smallest bantam in the world, weighing less than 500 grams. The bantam is Serama Bantam from Malaysia. This is a hybrid bantam.

The chicken have so many color variations such as partridge, silver, gray, barred, Columbia, white, buff, black, duckwing, cuckoo, and others. Some Old English has frizzled feather.

Like other bantams, this chicken has short feet relative to its body. The bantam has single wide comb, double wattles, and white earlobes. Some Old English has rose comb that is uncommon in bantam variety.

This chicken is very tame like mostly bantam. In my opinion, English Old game fowl is similar to Dutch Bantam. Perhaps, it is a descent of Red Jungle Fowl.

Photo by : AlishaV

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