Monday, November 8, 2010

Marek's Disease or Paralaysis Disease, Kill Broiller fast

Marek's disease is the most dangerous disease for broiler farmer. This disease infects the chicken under 16 week’s age. Until now, there has yet no medicine for this disease. This medicine spread from saliva or respiratory system. The disease is easy to spread at a cage. It could kill all chicken in cage.

This disease caused by a herpes virus. It attacks the chicken nerve system.

The chicken that is infected by the virus will suffer paralysis. The chicken may die soon because they cannot reach the food and water. Some chicken that get acute Marek’s may not shown paralysis sign.

To prevent your chicken from Marek’s disease, you should clean the cage periodically. Remove the Marek's suspected chicken and you should eliminate it.

There are some signs that you can detect, such as:

  1. Vision impairment
  2. Loss of weight
  3. Grey iris or irregular pupil
  4. Paralysis of legs, weight, and neck
  5. Skin around feather follicles raised and roughened.

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