Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bali Duck : crested duck from Bali, Indonesia

As guess its name, Bali duck origin is Bali, the most famous tourism destination at Indonesia. Bali duck is pure white in color either male or female. They have unique crested at upper head that similar to a white ball.
They have long and slender body that is similar to a bottle. That is why Indonesian people also call this duck bottle duck or Itik Botol.  Like other common duck, it has long neck. The bill and is orange in color. The bill is long and wide so they can find food below the water.
Bali duck is an Indian runner duck too. It is descendant of wild mallard.
Bali duck is an ornamental duck but we can raise this duck for egg production. The eggs production is very high. A hen can produce 200 eggs in a year so this is also good for commercial duck layer.

Photo by : qwwrty

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