Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dutch Bantam Profile

Dutch Bantam is the most famous Bantam in the world. This bird is risen for ornamental bird. Hence with its name, it is originated or domesticated in Dutch or Holland. The height is only 20 cm. The cock is only 500 grams and the hen is only 400 grams weight. The cock has long wide curve tail. The comb is red blood single.  The cock has bigger comb than the hen. Dutch bantam has many color variation such as red partridge, green partridge, gray, black, and others.

The bantam is different with common bantam because in its tail and wing. Common bantam has vertical tail and near-vertical wing. On the other hand, the tail and wing of dutch bantam is similar like domesticated chicken.

Some story said that the Dutch trader imported the bantam from South East Asia. I believe it is  Java Island origin bird because Java was under Dutch East India company or VOC occupation. It is descendant of Gallus Bankiva or red jungle fowl which is from Java and Sumatra.

A Dutch bantam hen is a prolific layer that can lay up to 160 eggs per year. The eggs is light brown or cream color which size is smaller than common chicken.The hen will hatch its egg. The dutch hen is also the best mother so you can entrust them to keep their chick. Due, the prolific and the size, this bird is suitable for backyard pet. You do not need to use large backyard for raising this bird.

Photo by steve p 2008

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