Saturday, June 18, 2011

Carneau Pigeon : Utility Pigeon From French

As guess its name, Red Carneau is a pigeon that comes from Carneau, French. Beside red color, Carneau also has some variations such as white, black, and grey. The Carneau is a utility pigeon that people raise it for its meat or Squab. The breeder raise the pigeon chick only 30 days. Carneau has white pinkish skin.
The pigeon look is not different with its ancestor rock pigeon. It has small head, relative to its body. The beak is pink and short with small nose upper its beak. The eye is yellow in color.
The body is slender. It has wide breast that contain delicious meat. The feather is tight. The feet are red in color and there is no feather on it.

Carneau weighs 640 - 740 gram. It is two times of rock pigeon weighs or similar to bantam chicken. A 30 days Carneau chick weighs 330 -340 gram or half of its parent. The Carneau is a medium utility pigeon.
Since the new utility pigeon are found, Some people leave Carneau. They raise Carneau for exhibition bird not for utility bird.
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