Sunday, May 1, 2011

Crowned Goura: Pigeon that has crown

This pigeon is bit different with rock pigeon due to its crown. The crown feather likes a fan which is blue and white in color. The beak is black dark and the eye is red in color. There is small triangle that surrounds its eye.  The feather is dominantly blue; meanwhile, the wing is red maroon in color. It is difficult to different the sex because both female and male look same. However, the male usually has larger than the female.

They live at lowland jungle at Papua, Indonesia. This bird is terrestrial bird that find the food at the land.

This is the largest pigeon. It is 70 cm in length.

The female just lays one egg that is why this becomes rare. Both parents will hatch the baby for 30 days. They make nest at tree.

The illegal hunting decreases its population. People hunt it for its meat and beautiful feather.
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Photo Source : merec0

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