Sunday, October 4, 2015

What are made a coop stinky?

Chicken is a living creature and every living creature produces manure. Therefore, if you want to raise chickens we must prepare for the smell of chicken manure.
Cages will smell because chickens will produce manure. Other odors produced are due to spillage of food mixed with water. This odor will disturb not only us but also other people. Your neighbors will complain if you smell cage.

Chickens that live in cages will produce odors that more than chickens reared at free range.
For that you should clean the cage daily. If we cage is good then we can draw the base enclosure and then swept it clean. To reduce odor, we could douse with carbolic fragrance.
To avoid chicken always spilled feed, we can tie up the feed on the cage wall. Chickens will not be able to withdraw feed and spilled feed. Chickens have a habit of pawing the floor fodder to select the feed. If the feeder bound and is higher than her feet can not shed the chicken feed.
Although we are diligent in cleaning there is still a smell produced by the chickens. It is impossible so we clean the chicken coop produce manure. Therefore we have to put the chicken coop in a place away from the man so the smell does not smell.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Black Silkie Chiken: The unique Black Chicken

This hairy-like feather chicken is unique to me because it has black plumage like Java chicken. The origin of the chicken is China or Japan. Either Japan or Chinese claim that the chicken came from their country. 
The Black has the black skin and meat. Some people do not like the color of the skin. The bone is also black. That is why people als call the black boned.
 The face is black and the earlobes are blue turquoise in color. The chicken has rose comb. Beyond the comb, we can see the crested.

The chicken is good for show bird due to its beatiful chicken. They are very tame and they cannot fly so they are easy prey for some predators such as bird, civet, cat and so on. The bird is easy to hand.
The Black silkie is not a good meat producer because it weight is not more than one kilogram. However Chinese people believe that the meat is good for health. They eat the silkie meat to cure some diseases.  It is difficult to believe it but some people eat it.
The black silkie is very beautiful to me though this chicken is not famous as the white one. The chicken often crosses the black with the white to get the blue silkie or the grey silkie. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

More About Silkie Bantam

The Article that i have written years ago, told about the silkie Bantam. I want to share more stories about Silke Bantam that is different to other Bantam. The Silkie has attractive soft plumage.The famous color of silkie is white but you can also find buff and black. Some Silkiealso has black skin that is similiar to Java Chicken. In China, people cook the chicken soup from the black meat. The chef uses various spicy to create the delicious soup.

Red Face Crested White Silkie
The Silkie is an Ancestor of Serama. The Malaysian serama breeder crossed the Silkie to various chicken such as bantam, and   Modern Game. Some Serama chicken has soft plumage like Silkie too.

The chicken comes from Chinese. Chinese people have raised for hundred years. They raise the bird as th utilize chicken that is has good eggs and meat. The silkie lays so much egg in a year. They can ays 250 eggs that is similar to the leghorn chicken. The chicken it the layer rather than a show bird. The chicken go broody unlike the chicken layer. They can also hatch s much eggs in a flock. The hen is a good sitter that ca raise the chicken until grow. 
The chicken is good for yur pets because you can hand it ad they are tame. They are good for your backyard too. 
Blue Face Crested White Silkie

The chicken face is red but you can also some silkie with blue face Blue face in Silkie doe not mean a diseases. The Silkie has blue comb too. The comb is rose comb like sebright bantam.
The chicken comes from Chinese, an the Italian adventurer Marco polo brought the chicken to Italia so the chicken spread to the world.
The Silke has five toes unlike common chicken. Some chicken has plumage on the feet but some are nt.
The Silkie also has grey and blue in color. Today we can also found some  color variants that is developed by the breeders. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

How to protect your chicken from Chivet?

The civet is a dangerous predator that can kill chicken. My friend said that the civet bite the duck and bring the duck to the tree and the civet kill the duck.
I have so much chicken that live at free range. My chicken is also killed. I know That the chicken stay at the tree. It become an easy target for the civet. I guess that the civet attack the chicken when they sit on the tree branch.
The is a clever animal. They have the small and short feet but they are able to run fast. It is difficult to catch the civet unless the baby civet. Civet like raccoon that can adapted to city live. They live at the roof or empty house. They can breed fast.

The civet can walk at the electric cable. I have ever seen they walk and make a loudly sound like a ghost. I am afraid hear that animal.Sometimes they can "cry" like a small girl.
Civet have ever tried killed my lovely bird. My bird that sit on the floor and the civet bite the feet. I feel pity my bird lose its feet.
We must protect the chicken from the civet. we can make the good hose for the chicken . Be sure to close the door. The civet usually use the narrow gap at your chicken pen. You can also trap the civet and you can remove the chicken to the jungle.
The Civet can kill the large bird such as turkey. They just eat some part of the bird such as neck and head. They do not eat the entire chicken.
Some people say that civet do not kill the chicken for food but they kill the chicken for pleasure.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ayam Merawang: The Rhode Island descent from Bangka Island

The Merawang Chicken or Ayam Merawang is one of landrace chicken from Indonesia. Merawang is a district on Bangka-Belitung Province, Indonesia. It comes from Merawang district, Bangka Island. The scientist pretty sure the chicken is the Rhode Island Red descendent.  The history of the chicken began three hundred years ago. The Chinese tin miner brought the chicken to the Bangka Island.
The chicken farm like raise the chicken because it produces large meat and so much egg.  The hen can lays up to 165 eggs a year. The egg size is medium, weighs 38-45 gram. The pullet start laying at 5,5 month age. It is faster than famous chicken layer such as leghorn.  The color of the shell is brown. It is not good as the Rhode Island but it is better than other Indonesian chicken. The rooster is not heavy as the Rhode Island. Roster weigh 1,9 – 3,1 kilograms while hen weighs 1,35-2,35 kilogram.  The Merawang meat contains lower fat than other chicken. 

The Merawang quality is not good as the Rhode Island Red. I suppose that the decrease the quality of the genetics because of the inbreeding. The farmer raises the chicken at the free range so the chicken can mate with the family. The breeding between the families make the chicken become smaller.
I am sure the chicken will grow like the Rhode Island if the farmer raises it better. They breed the best Merawang with the best Merawang too. They should avoid inbreeding. The farmer also cross the bird with other chicken landrace that
The color is red like the Rhode Island Red and the edge of tail is black in color. The head is big, relative to its large body. The comb is single with 5-9 points like the single comb red Island. The skin is yellow and the shank is also yellow to. Merawang has not shank feather.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Chicken From Bali

Chicken Bali is one of the flagship chicken originating from Indonesia. This chicken is a type of chicken that is also derived red jungle fowl (Gallus Gallus). Chicken Bali has become pets, since time immemorial.
This chicken has a bare neck and a muscular body. This chicken has a physique like a cock fighter.

He has a face that is sinister and powerful beaks. Chicken skin is red. Chicken is also sometimes used for fighting cocks. The chicken's comb-shaped pea.
This chicken-sized, weighing about 2 kilograms males and females about 1.5 kilograms. This chicken is only kept for meat only.

Monday, September 7, 2015

How to leave your chicken when you go outside

When we have to go and leave our chickens at home, we are confused. Chicken we need to eat every day and no one could give him a meal. I often cancel out because I had the chicken should I care.
A sister I tell you that he also often leave chickens for a period of three days. Before leaving, he prepared food and drinks that is enough for next three days. She uses food feeder that can accommodate a lot of feed. He provides water in large bottles.

She did not have to worry about hunger or thirst because the chicken feed and beverages are available.
We can also do the same thing. We buy a bottle feed a large chicken feeder and bottle. We have to clean the cage first.
You just can leave the chicken for three days or a week. If you want to go more than a week, you can leave your chickens to relatives or friends. You can also leave your chickens in animal care center.
We could not let the chicken alone because the bottle will get dirty in a few days. Moss will grow bottle chicken and chicken can cause pain. Chicken manure will also be many and can cause disease for chickens.

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