Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The symptoms of avian flu

I have ever worried to raise chicken in my house since the avian flu attacked my country. Hundreds farmers lose because the chicken died.
To anticipate the pandemic, the city government forbidden the citizen to raise the chicken or bird in city. The city did no want to take risk by letting the citizen raise the chicken. The citizen government also command the pest control to exhaust he suspected bird. They inspect the citizen that raises the chicken.
In Indonesia, the avian flu has killed dozen people.  The avian is very dangerous diseases that could kill human. The sick chicken may infect other people.
We have to be careful for the diseases.  Recognize the symptoms of the avian flu. Exhaust he bird when you see the chicken have some symptoms. Each species of bird are different.
The avian flu attacks a flock and kills some of chicken. The other chicken show weakness and they might be died the next day.
In broilers the symptoms are: severe depression, lack of appetite, and increasing the mortality in flock. In Turkey the sign is swollen sinuses. He duck looks severe depression and lack of appetite. The layer duck also lay soft shelled eggs. In young bird shows neurological signs.

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