Sunday, December 26, 2010

Egyptian Fayoumi : A Productive laying eggs Hen from Egypt

Egyptian Fayoumi is an Egyptian chicken breed. This chicken origin is Fayoumi Governorate, Southwest of Cairo. This chicken is tiny or small class breed. The roosters weigh only two kilos or (4.5 pound); while, the hen weighs 1.6 kilo (3.5 pound). Rosters have silver heads, neck, back and saddle. The rest color is black white barred.
It has moderately large single comb, red double wattles, and red earlobes. The feet are black in color and no feather. The bird is hardy. It can resist to viral and bacterial infection.
In my country, people called it as Arabian Chicken. The first people imported this chicken from Saudi Arabian. We use this chicken to produce egg only. They can produce eggs up to 250 like other commercial egg laying chicken. Unfortunately, the egg is small like their body. This bird cannot hatch the eggs to or they are not likely go broody. In my country, farmer care the chicken for organic eggs. They can live at free range area. They have reputation as good foragers. The farmer also crosses this chicken with other best laying chicken to increase the eggs production.
Even this bird is superior but this bird has been not recognized by American Poultry Association
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