Friday, June 4, 2010

Bring Cassowary to our backyard

When I was study in animal husbandry, my lecture was conducting discourse about Cassowary farm. He said Cassowary is good for farm too. It is 175 cm tall. The weight could reach 58.5 kg or ten times common domesticated chicken. He protested to a farm that import Ostrich from another country. Finally, the farm is closed because the bird died. Anthrax killed the bird.

I think we can care this bird too in our backyard as long we have large bakcyard. Fence the backyard with metal wire. The diet of the bird is insect, flower, fungi, frog, mice, rats and so on. In my friend hostel backyard, The owner feed them with rice. I think we can feed them with common poultry feed too.

I suggest Indonesia that has cassowary domesticated this bird. It can give two benefit : i.e. bird conservation and jobs for unemployment.

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