Monday, September 14, 2015

How to protect your chicken from Chivet?

The civet is a dangerous predator that can kill chicken. My friend said that the civet bite the duck and bring the duck to the tree and the civet kill the duck.
I have so much chicken that live at free range. My chicken is also killed. I know That the chicken stay at the tree. It become an easy target for the civet. I guess that the civet attack the chicken when they sit on the tree branch.
The is a clever animal. They have the small and short feet but they are able to run fast. It is difficult to catch the civet unless the baby civet. Civet like raccoon that can adapted to city live. They live at the roof or empty house. They can breed fast.

The civet can walk at the electric cable. I have ever seen they walk and make a loudly sound like a ghost. I am afraid hear that animal.Sometimes they can "cry" like a small girl.
Civet have ever tried killed my lovely bird. My bird that sit on the floor and the civet bite the feet. I feel pity my bird lose its feet.
We must protect the chicken from the civet. we can make the good hose for the chicken . Be sure to close the door. The civet usually use the narrow gap at your chicken pen. You can also trap the civet and you can remove the chicken to the jungle.
The Civet can kill the large bird such as turkey. They just eat some part of the bird such as neck and head. They do not eat the entire chicken.
Some people say that civet do not kill the chicken for food but they kill the chicken for pleasure.

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