Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Black Silkie Chiken: The unique Black Chicken

This hairy-like feather chicken is unique to me because it has black plumage like Java chicken. The origin of the chicken is China or Japan. Either Japan or Chinese claim that the chicken came from their country. 
The Black has the black skin and meat. Some people do not like the color of the skin. The bone is also black. That is why people als call the black boned.
 The face is black and the earlobes are blue turquoise in color. The chicken has rose comb. Beyond the comb, we can see the crested.

The chicken is good for show bird due to its beatiful chicken. They are very tame and they cannot fly so they are easy prey for some predators such as bird, civet, cat and so on. The bird is easy to hand.
The Black silkie is not a good meat producer because it weight is not more than one kilogram. However Chinese people believe that the meat is good for health. They eat the silkie meat to cure some diseases.  It is difficult to believe it but some people eat it.
The black silkie is very beautiful to me though this chicken is not famous as the white one. The chicken often crosses the black with the white to get the blue silkie or the grey silkie. 

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