Thursday, September 24, 2015

More About Silkie Bantam

The Article that i have written years ago, told about the silkie Bantam. I want to share more stories about Silke Bantam that is different to other Bantam. The Silkie has attractive soft plumage.The famous color of silkie is white but you can also find buff and black. Some Silkiealso has black skin that is similiar to Java Chicken. In China, people cook the chicken soup from the black meat. The chef uses various spicy to create the delicious soup.

Red Face Crested White Silkie
The Silkie is an Ancestor of Serama. The Malaysian serama breeder crossed the Silkie to various chicken such as bantam, and   Modern Game. Some Serama chicken has soft plumage like Silkie too.

The chicken comes from Chinese. Chinese people have raised for hundred years. They raise the bird as th utilize chicken that is has good eggs and meat. The silkie lays so much egg in a year. They can ays 250 eggs that is similar to the leghorn chicken. The chicken it the layer rather than a show bird. The chicken go broody unlike the chicken layer. They can also hatch s much eggs in a flock. The hen is a good sitter that ca raise the chicken until grow. 
The chicken is good for yur pets because you can hand it ad they are tame. They are good for your backyard too. 
Blue Face Crested White Silkie

The chicken face is red but you can also some silkie with blue face Blue face in Silkie doe not mean a diseases. The Silkie has blue comb too. The comb is rose comb like sebright bantam.
The chicken comes from Chinese, an the Italian adventurer Marco polo brought the chicken to Italia so the chicken spread to the world.
The Silke has five toes unlike common chicken. Some chicken has plumage on the feet but some are nt.
The Silkie also has grey and blue in color. Today we can also found some  color variants that is developed by the breeders. 

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