Friday, July 30, 2010

How to protect Chicken from Predator

Raising chicken in backyard is risky too. Some predator could kill the chicken especially the chick because it is weak. A chick cannot run out from the predator.

The examples of chicken predator are eagle, hawk, falcon, raccoon, fox, coyote, opossums, wolf, bad people, cat, and others. If you live at small town, you must often see the animal.

In my country, bad people often steal chicken. They bake the chicken or sell it to market. If they are caught, they will get in the neck by the citizen. For your information, a chicken thief sentence longer than a corrupter. It is because the thief cannot hire a good lawyer. To protect your chicken, you can do like this:

1. Construct a strong pen or buy a strong pen that can protect your pet from predator. Some rat can bite the wood and finally eat the chick.

2. Fence the free range is with strong enough wire. It can bar the predator enter to your pen.

3. Use the roof fence or canopy. Unfortunately, it must be expensive.

4. Build small a fan tower. In my country, it is useful to expel the hawk or eagle.People use it from plastic or bamboo.

5. Do not put the chicken food in anywhere because it will invite the rat. Finally they eat the chicken. Save the chicken feed at dirty place.

6. Use Broody chicken pen to raise the chick. If your house environment has so many predators, you need to make it.

7. Lock the pen so the bad people cannot steal your chicken. Be sure the pen is clocked in the night.

8. Trap the predator. It is easy to trap mouse. You can try other traps. I do not whether United States allows the chicken owner to trap coyote or fox. 

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  1. There are different laws in different places of the United States for trapping or hunting foxes or coyotes or other animals. I keep a gun close by to shoot predators if I have to.

  2. Thanks for information. In my country, we are free to kill any wild animal that disturb our pets. Even we can shot a tiger if it necessary.