Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nankin Chicken - Chinese Bantam Chicken

It is a bantam type chicken from Chinese. The rooster weighs 608 grams and a hen wieghs 540 gram. Nanking is bantam only. As guess its name, this small chicken origin is Nankin, Chinese. It is imported in 16th centuries to Great Britain.

The chicken is blue in color. The beak and feet is blue in color. The comb type is single and rose. the single type comb nankin could not live at cold region because the frost bite may attack the single comb.

The chicken is a game bird or ornamental bird. This chicken is not good for meat production due to its size and carcass quality. The hen often go broody and is a good mother.  You can use this chicken to hatch other chicken eggs. This chicken is good to at your backyard.

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