Sunday, December 5, 2010

Booted Bantam - Booted Dutch Bantam

As guess its name, the chicken has booted in their feet. The feather grows around the feet and shank. This ornamental or exhibition chicken comes from Netherland. That is why it is also called Booted Dutch Bantam. This chicken is related with Belgian Bantam. We can see both bantams have booted feet. The difference between two bantams is that The Belgian Bantam is rumples or tailless.
Weighing 850 grams for the male and 750 grams for the female, this chicken is classified as bantam class. Like other bantam, they have wide breast, downward pointing wing, and almost horizontal long tail.
It has single wide comb with five points, small earlobes, and double wattles. They have color variation such as : Millefleur, blue, black, barred, buff, cuckoo, Columbian, gray, Lemon millefleur, lavender, golden neck, porcelain, white and millefleur self.
This chicken is suitable for backyard pet, due its calm and tame behavior. The chicken is good foragers too and it can control the weed and grass population at the backyard. The hens are good mother. They can hatch the eggs. The hen lays small white or tinted egg.

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