Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to breed blue silky bantam

Blue silky bantam is the rarest silky bantam types. It is not easy to produce the chicken because it is not pure color. The Blue silky is derived from white silky and black silky. If you want produce blue silky chicken, you can do like this.

1. Prepare the coop that is suitable for some chicken. You need small coop, due the small body chicken. A Silkie need at least four square feet live spaces. Facilitate them with nest box

2. Find the mature rooster and hen of silkie bantam. The chicken must be health. Check the body of chicken whether it has defect that generate to the chick. If you want produce standard show silkie, you should find the standard

3. Feed them with poultry commercial food. You can also give them with cracked corn. Put the chicken food at food dishes

4. In couple month, the hen will lay the eggs. Silky has good reputation in hatching the eggs. you may lets the chicken hatch the eggs. Do not put more than seven eggs in a clutch because the hen is small and it could not hatch all the eggs. You can hatch the eggs with small incubator.

5. Separate the hen whose has chick from the rooster. You can also separate the chick from the mom if you want your hen lay the eggs again.

6. Clean the cage periodically to protect your chicken from disease.

Photo by: Alisha V

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