Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mandarin Duck : The Famous Oriental Duck

This duck is a beautiful ornamental duck.We can raise this bird at your house. Facilitate the duck with poll so they can swim at there.
They have beautiful brown feather while the female has bad color. Unlike other duck, either drake and hen care the duckling until the duckling independent. Se this lens and give the thumb for this lens. You can also buy the duck egg here and you can hatch the duck with incubator.

 Photo by : Mike Bowler
Mandarin Duck is a famous ornamental duck from Chinese. As where its get name, this bird origin is Chinese but we can find this bird at Russia or Japan. This bird is also found at the British, Ireland, and United States. It has beautiful brown color. There are small part of green beetle feather at wing and shoulder. The breast color is white. There is some white color at face and wing. This duck has unique feather that similar to chicken sickle at upper neck. The duck bill is red light in color and short. Some Mandarin also has albino variations with white color but the beak is still red in color.
This duck is small with slender and shorter body which is only 41-49 cm in long include the tail. The male is heavier than the female.

The female color is very bad. The color is dull brown with black spot. The beak color is also black unlike the male.
Both duck spend their time at water or water bank. They find food at the water such as small water plant. This water bird is a smart hunter too. The female lays the eggs at tree cavity. They incubate the eggs for four weeks or 28 days. Mandarin female is not different with other duck female that incubate egg alone without Male assistance.
If you want care this beautiful bird, you have to provide pool so they can swim at there. You can feed them with game bird feed, small fish, vegetable and others.
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