Thursday, March 28, 2013

Good forager chicken for your backyard

Naturally, a chicken loves grass and weed. The ancestor, red jungle fowl also loves he grass and weeds. They can control the grass or weed population. Some people consider to raise the chicken because its ability to control grass or weed population.
Placing some flock chicken is cheaper than ordering other people to cut the grass or weed.  The chicken also can drop organic fertile manure that is better than chemical. For your information, chicken manure is better than other animal manure because its consist more nitrogen.  You do not have to buy the chemical fertilizer that can pollute the soil.
Some people are disappointed after placing a flock of chicken. The chicken does not eat any grass. They just bite and throw it. The owner thinks every chicken like grass or weed. In reality, some chicken do not like grass or weed. I have ever raised Bangkok Chicken that does not like grass and weed. They just like paddy or pellet. I have also raised barred Plymouth Rock that does no like vegetable.
Only some chicken loves grass and weed. If you want to raise chicken for good forager, you need to buy the right chicken. Ask the seller which chicken breed that is good as good forager. For example, Buckeye is one of he good forager. It is also large class chicken from America that can provide white meat and fresh eggs. Beside buckeye you can consider Holland, Dominique, Java, Weisumer, Minorca, Blue Andalusian, Dorking and others. The chicken that comes from your yard must be safer than the chicken from farm because the food is grass or grain. You will not use the medicine or vaccine for he chicken too.
You should always remember that chicken also like your plant beside grass and weeds. The chicken may eat your lovely flower too. You have better not to raise chicken if you plant some nice flower at your backyard.
The alternative of the chicken is goose. Goose is a good forager too. They prefer to eat grass rather than grain or poultry feed.  The goose can shout loudly when a stranger approaches them.

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