Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cornish Chicken: The bulldog that produce much meat

The Chicken is famous because of its wide breasted. Not surprisingly, the breeder crosses the bird with other chicken to produce broiler chicken. Most chicken meat that we eat is a cross Cornish and white Plymouth Rock. The body of the chicken is round and the breast is so wide. The chicken is very heavy, weighing 10 pound. The hen is only 8 pound.
The chicken is available in white, dark, and red laced color. The game type is dark blue in color. The Cornish has also bantam type which is smaller than standard type.
The chicken was originated in Cornwall from the Malay chicken or other Asia Chicken. The aim of the originated was to produce the super fighting chicken; however, the cross results a heavy chicken. The Cornish has played role in broiler development. When it is crossed with Sussex or Dorking, it will produce meat chicken that you can raise at backyard.
Though it produces much eat, it lays few eggs. A hen only lays once in a week. The egg is small and light brown in color. That is why the chicken is a meat chicken breed. The chicken flesh color is white and good texture that people very like it.
The chicken was developed as the game bird. We can see the strong curve beak and the solid feet, that support the chicken to hits the other chicken. The deep set eyes look very cruel. They look want to eliminate any chicken that disturb it.
This chicken cannot withstand with cold area though it has small pea comb. The feather is so thick and sometimes the feathers do not cover some area of the skin. When the winter comes, the plumage cannot insulate the bird from the cold. The owner should provide the heater for the chicken.
The chicken is not good for backyard due it is not good foragers. The chicken also need bulk feed too.
The problem to raise the chicken is the fertility. The chicken has poor fertility and natural mating is very difficult for them to. The hen goes broody but the hatching level is not good. Perhaps the plumage does not cover the egg well. You will need the other hens or incubator machine. The chicken is good mom that guards its progeny. Sometimes we find the chick bite other chick. It must be ancestor's characters that inherent to the chick.

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