Sunday, March 3, 2013

Is Red Jungle Fowl the polish chicken ancestor?

Many books, articles, blogs said that the red jungle chicken was the ancestor of most chicken. The red jungle that lives in South and South East Asia inherit some good chicken such as Rhode Island Red, Langshan, New Hampshire Red, and other. The red jungle descendant performance is better than the ancestor because it lays more eggs and produces more white meat.
I am not doubt that the famous breed chicken such as New Hampshire is the red jungle descendant because I see the similarity between New Hampshire and Red jungle fowl. Though New Hampshire is bigger than the jungle fowl, but it has similar single comb. The head shape is not different too. Both chicken has perfect long tail sickle at is back.
However, I am doubt that the polish chicken is a jungle fowl descendant it because the polish chicken is no similar to jungle fowl. The first time I saw the chicken, the chicken looks weird.  I could not see he eye of chicken because the crown cover its eye. The crown actually is the feather that grows longer. Sometimes the owner should cut he crown because the chicken will be difficult to walk or find food.
I have never seen he jungle fowl with ball crown. The comb of the polish is also different. It just has small v shape comb behind its beak. The comb looks like horn. Sometimes, we cannot see the comb because the feather covers it.
Unlike common chicken, the polish has no sickle tail feather. Both rooster and hen has similar shape tail. The rooster tails like common female hen. The size is also medium. The feet are shorter than the jungle fowl but it is longer than the bantam. Polish chicken is not a bantam too.

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