Friday, January 28, 2011

Vorwerk Chicken : Germany dual purpose chicken with beautiful dark golden feather

Oscar Vorwerk, an Germany chicken breeder, has developed a chicken breed that is called Vorwerk. This chicken has wonderful dark golden color. The head, and neck toward to shoulder is dark brown and color. The tail is also brown in color and the remain feather is buff in color. Mr Vorwerk has developed this chicken from various chicken breed such as Buff Orpington, Lakenvender, Buff Sussex, and Andalusian. I think the buff color generate from Orpington and Sussex, while the dark color is generate from Andalusian.

Like Europe Chicken Class, Vorwerk is fat with thick plumage. The feather can cover the chicken skin from the winter. This chicken is well-adaptable with bad weather. The rooster is 2.5 - 3.2 kilogram, while the hen is 2-2.5 kg in weight. Vorwek is also available in Bantam version, which is 650-765 in weight. The chicken has wide and long breast. It also produce much meat.

Vorwerk also produce much eggs so this chicken is  dual purpose chicken breed. A hen can lays approximately 170 eggs in a year. The hen also start laying eggs at day 165 or six month. This is a fast layer like Rhode Island Red.

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