Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Anatomy of duck

Ducks is the fowl that we can see almost everywhere. They have body that is suitable for swim. They breast is longer than chicken but the small feet of duck can stand their slender body. Most ducks can fly even some domesticated duck like Indian runner, Muscovy duck and others. The spread of wing is wide.
The beak is thin and wide that is good to find the food at the water. When ducks eat the fodd, they will throw the water beside the beak. The duck as some "teeth" at the beak that is very important to catch the fish, snail, water insect, mollusca, and other water things. We know that the fish skin is so smooth.
In human care, the duck got grain, seed, concentrate and other poultry feed. It is not difficult to care duck.
The feet of duck are short. On the other hand, the duck has long neck.
Duck has thick feather that is able to cover the skin from water. The oil keeps the feather dry. The drake or duck male has more beautiful feather than the hen. The drake uses it to attract the hen.
The duck will nest at hay, or nest box. They can lay 7-15 eggs in a clutch. Some hen goes broody. Only hen incubates the eggs for 28 days or four week. The eggshell is thicker than chicken

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