Sunday, January 30, 2011

Interesting facts about chicken

We are familiar with chicken. Perhaps, we often eat the chicken, say three times a week. Chicken contain protein that is essential for our body. You should know the fact of the chicken.

Chicken has been domesticated for more than ten of thousand years. Our ancestors raise them in the cage, or the free range. They feed them with cereal, seed, grain, and vegetable. In human hand, the meat production and egg production have been increasing. Some chicken hen can lay up to 300 eggs in a year; while, jungle fowl can lay only 50 eggs in a year. The domesticated chicken weighs up to 12 pounds. The scientists also have developed some chicken breed from various chicken breed in order to get the best breed which can lay much eggs and grow fast.

The ancestor of domesticated chicken is red jungle fowl. Now, the chicken can be found in India, Malaysia, Burma, Thailand, and Indonesia. The rooster is red partridge in color and the hen is dark brown in color. It has single comb, double witted and red earlobes. The chicken weighs only 3 to 4 pounds.

Chicken eggs

Chicken eggs weigh around 50 g. It is a delicious and full nutrient food. There are various shield color, such as, brown, white, blue and green. Most hens lay brown eggs.

Hatch eggs

The hen can hatch dozen eggs. Not all can hatch the eggs. Some breeds do not want to hatch eggs, such as, Sebright bantam, Buff Catalans and others.

Only hen hatch and raise the chick. The rooster will leave the hen alone. The hen hatches the eggs for 21 days or three weeks. The hen raises the chick for two months.

Chicken size

Chicken size is various, ranging less than half kilos to six kilos. The biggest chicken is Jersey giant which weighs 13 lbs. The smallest chicken is Serama Bantam. Serama is a Malaysian Bantam which weighs less than a half kilogram. Malaysian bantam is an ornamental bird due to its size.

Chicken speed

It can run 9 miles per hour. You cannot catch it if they run fast.

Chicken can fly like a bird.

The jungle chicken can fly for short range only. Some domesticated chicken can fly too, for instance, Sebright bantam. The longest distance flown by chicken is 301.5 feet.


Most Male chicken has spurs. This is the weapon of the chicken. We can find few hens with spurs too. Black Sumatra chicken has more than one spurs at each legs. This is a pit rooster.

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