Friday, October 29, 2010

Langshan: Great Chicken From China

Langshans is a chicken breed from China. Langshan is an ancestor of Orpington chicken, Bernevelders, and Marans. As guest its name,the origin of this chicken is Langshan, near Yang-Tze River, China. Now the breed is spreaded to the world. First time who introduced Langshan to British is Major Croad.
The chicken is a heavy breed chicken due its size. The rooster weighs 9.5 pounds (4.25 kg) and the hen weighs 7.5 pounds (3.5 kg). The body is big with deep and long breast. The tail is short. Some Langshan has no feather tail or rumpless.  The comb is red single with upward point. The head is proportional with its big body.  The back shape is U shape. The feet and the shanks has feather. German Langshan which is also Langshan descendent has no feather in legg or clean legged. This breed has long leg. The beak, feet and shank are black-yellow in color.
This bird is suitable for backyard pen because it is docile and friendly to the people. The bird does not like fly to so they safe in a large rank.
The hen has ability in sitter and broody. We can use the chicken to hatch other chicken eggs. It can lay in winter too. The hen can lay 140-150 dark brown eggs in a year. The egg is very big or weighs 58 gram.
This bird is a dual purpose chicken. It can produce much delicious meat that texture is fine and excellent.  
The origin color of the bird is black with a brilliant green sheen. It is recognize by American Poultry Association (APA). America is success to develop white Langshan from Black Langshan. There are also blue Langshan but it is rare. The Blue is the crossbreed of white and black Langshan. It is difficult to get the blue because the breed of white and black Langshan does not always result blue Langshan. Langshan is used as a parent chickens.

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Photo by: VangieAdH

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Barnevelder – double laced feather chicken from Netherland

Barnevelder is a chicken breed from Netherland. Weighing 6-7 pounds, it is heavy chicken class. Netherland breeder has bred this chicken from various chicken breed such as Brahma, Cochin, and Croad Langshan. Some breeder also breeds with other chicken breed to produce various chickens.
This chicken is very beautiful. Some Barnevelder has double laced feather that is very rare. There are other variations color such as, blue, double laced blue, white, brown, partridge, and other. The chicken has single medium comb. The feet are yellow in color and have no feather.
This chicken is for exhibition. The chicken also produces good carcass and eggs. The hen lays dark brown eggs. The hen lay in winter too. The hen can produce approximately 180-200 eggs per year.
The chicken is a good forager so it can be good at your backyard. The chicken is also hardy in winter so this chicken can live at your backyard.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chantecler: A Various Cross Chicken from Canada

Chantecler is a chicken breed from Canada. The name was taken from French pet Rostand’s fable hero. The name Chantecler was also taken from two French words, “chanter” – “to sing” and “clair” – “bright” .It looks fat like American Class Chicken. This chicken is derived from so many chickens, such as, Dark Cornish, White Leghorn, Rhode Island Red, White Plymouth Rocks and White Wyandotte. Not surprisingly, the chicken can lays egg much and produce good carcass. This chicken is produced for dual purpose chicken. The breeder also develops the egg production. A good Chantecler strain hen can lays up to 210 eggs a year. The skin of the egg is light brown in color and weighs 58 to 60 grams.
The production of the chicken has begun in 1907 in Canada. In 1930, the breeder developed a new Chantecler that is adaptable with free range. The breeder cross Partridge Wyandotte, Partridge Cochin, Dark Cornish, and Brown leghorn whose has Rose comb.
This chicken has heavy weigh body. The rooster’s weight could reach 8.5 pound or 3.9 kg; while, the hen weighs 6.5-7.5 pound (3 – 3.4 kg). Chantecler also has bantam version too which weigh is less than a kilogram. It is white in color. The skin, beak, and the feet are yellow in color. There is no feather in feet or clean feet. It has small cushion combs and wattles so frostbite cannot attack this chicken.
This chicken is suitable for free range chicken. This chicken is tame and gentle. This chicken is adaptable with North America weather too. This chicken can stand with cold climate.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Black Shumen Chicken

Black Shumen Chicken is an old breed from Bulgaria. It has been developed in Bulgaria for centuries ago. The farmer often crossed the chicken with White leghorn or Rhode Island Red In 18th century. This bird looks proportional. The rooster weighs 2 kg (4.4 pound) and the female weighs 1.5 kg (3.3 kg). It is black green in color. It has wide single comb with double wattles, and white earlobes. The feet and the beak color are black. The skin of this chicken is white.
This chicken is laying chicken type. The hen lays big egg which weigh is 50-52 gram. Like other chicken whose has white earlobes, this chicken also lays white eggs. The egg production is good enough, ranging 150-165 eggs. The amount of egg production is not enough for commercial purpose. That is why some breeder crosses this chicken with other good chicken.

This chicken is suitable for backyard chicken. This chicken is good foragers so it can control grass or bugs in your backyard. 

Photo : dr_lukanov, dr_lukanov

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