Friday, August 13, 2010

Brahma Chicken Profile

Brahma Chicken is a Asiatic Chicken Breed from India. As guess its name, the Bird origin is in the Brahmaputra region, India. This is the biggest breed among Asiatic breed. The rooster weighs up to 12 pounds; while the hen weighs 9 pounds. The cockerel weighs 10 pounds and the pullet weighs 8 pounds.

The chicken has pea comb, double witted, and red earlobes. It has thick feather so it is good to hatch the eggs. This chicken has good reputation as good setters and good mother. You can trust them to raise their chick. It has feather in shanks, The tail feather is short. Most tail the feather is black in color. rooster has imperfect feather tail. Some chicken has no tail (rumpless).

Beside the weighs, the bird can lay many eggs too. It can lay three eggs a week. The chicken also tolerate with winter.

This breed has been imported 1846 in America. The breed has been recognized by American Poultry Association (APA). Brahma Chicken have color variation; light, dark, and buff.

This bird is very tame and docile. The roosters is very tame and not aggressive to human. The bird is not easy to scared. That is why people raise this bird as pet. There are bantam version of this chicken.

Photo By : Ripperda