Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Barnevelder – double laced feather chicken from Netherland

Barnevelder is a chicken breed from Netherland. Weighing 6-7 pounds, it is heavy chicken class. Netherland breeder has bred this chicken from various chicken breed such as Brahma, Cochin, and Croad Langshan. Some breeder also breeds with other chicken breed to produce various chickens.
This chicken is very beautiful. Some Barnevelder has double laced feather that is very rare. There are other variations color such as, blue, double laced blue, white, brown, partridge, and other. The chicken has single medium comb. The feet are yellow in color and have no feather.
This chicken is for exhibition. The chicken also produces good carcass and eggs. The hen lays dark brown eggs. The hen lay in winter too. The hen can produce approximately 180-200 eggs per year.
The chicken is a good forager so it can be good at your backyard. The chicken is also hardy in winter so this chicken can live at your backyard.

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