Sunday, October 4, 2015

What are made a coop stinky?

Chicken is a living creature and every living creature produces manure. Therefore, if you want to raise chickens we must prepare for the smell of chicken manure.
Cages will smell because chickens will produce manure. Other odors produced are due to spillage of food mixed with water. This odor will disturb not only us but also other people. Your neighbors will complain if you smell cage.

Chickens that live in cages will produce odors that more than chickens reared at free range.
For that you should clean the cage daily. If we cage is good then we can draw the base enclosure and then swept it clean. To reduce odor, we could douse with carbolic fragrance.
To avoid chicken always spilled feed, we can tie up the feed on the cage wall. Chickens will not be able to withdraw feed and spilled feed. Chickens have a habit of pawing the floor fodder to select the feed. If the feeder bound and is higher than her feet can not shed the chicken feed.
Although we are diligent in cleaning there is still a smell produced by the chickens. It is impossible so we clean the chicken coop produce manure. Therefore we have to put the chicken coop in a place away from the man so the smell does not smell.

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