Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to Raise free range chicken

Free range chicken is a term for a chicken that live at outside cage. The owner let the chicken life and find the feed. Sometimes the owners feed with cereal food like rice, corn, oat and others. It is better than throw the food to trash can.

Raising the chicken is also not difficult and cheaper. You do not have to buy chicken food. Let the chicken find food like worm, snail, rotten fruit, green leaves, grass, insect and others.

1. Provide pen for the chicken. The Chicken may sleep at there at night. You can plant some tree. Some domestic chicken like to stand at there.

2. Provide shelter for them. It will protect from hot weather or rainy.

3. Fence the backyard so your chicken will not go to your neighbor. Some bad chicken might enter to your house.

4. Clean the cage periodically.  Even the chicken just stay at the pen at night, you still need to clean the cage.

Notice: Survey the location. Is the location provide food enough to the chicken?

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