Thursday, July 4, 2013

Braekel A Beligium egg layer chicken

Braekel or Brakel is a chicken breed from Braekel region, Belgium. You must be confused to distinguish the chicken to Egyptian Fayoumi or Campine.  The Braekel has straight banding feather color (black and gold). The Braekel is believed a crossbreeding between large types chicken Flanders and light type chicken Campine.
The Braekel is different to the Campine due the roster feather pattern is similar to its hen or the roster has hen-feathering feather. The roster has straight binding plumages except its neck feather. The neck color is plain, depending on the variant. The neck color is orange red if the roster color is gold red. Another variant of Braekel  is silver. The Braekel is also lighter than the campine.
The Chicken looks slim. Than the Chicken has brad breast. Though the size is not long, it is higher than bantam. The chicken comb is red blood single and the earlobes are white. The Roster has bigger comb the female, which is nice and have some points. The roster’s tailfeaher is sickle in shape.
People raise it’s for eggs. The Brakel hen can produce 180-200 eggs in a year. However, this bird is rare due the people do not want to raise it. The population of the Braekel declined during and after World War II. The chicken bird is also known as Everyday Layer, The grey White Neck, or The Nuns Hen.

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