Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Marsh Daisy

It is an English chicken breed that descendant of Old English Game rosters and The Malay Hen. Some breed also tied with Marsh Daisy includes Sicilian Buttercup, Black Hamburg and White Leghorn. The name Marsh daisy comes from its come that similar to Marsh Daisy flower. The comb is similar to Rose comb. The other unique characteristics are willow green legs and white earlobes. The marsh name takes from a marsh-like area. 
The most common of Marsh Daisy is wheaten and brown and others color variation is white, buff and black. The chicken is light type of chicken, a male is 2.95 kilogram (6.5 pound) in weight and a female is 2.5 kilogram (5.5 pound). The hen lays a fair amount of tinted eggs.
 It is ideal for barnyard chicken due it is a good forager and it is hardy. It could control the grass or weed population. I must warn you the chicken has flying ability so it can jump from your backyard; however, the chicken is calm but it is active.
The chicken is rare, listing at Rare BreedSurvival Trust at England.

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